So…. You’re asking me to Drink This??

What is that you might ask?? Well, I’d like to know myself!  I did some ‘googling’ and could not figure out what this concoction is made of… however, I do know and TRUST that this is going to help in the making of a baby.

Let me backtrack…. Last Sunday my son and I set out early looking for yard sales.. I love garage-‘sailing’ but we went through several neighborhoods and there were no signs posted!  We decided maybe it wasn’t our day to find any good bargains, so we set out for the Farmer’s Market.  When we got there, lo and behold, it was not open, then I realized it was a Saturday-only venue.  Not wanting to go home empty-handed, we figured it would be a good morning to walk through China Town (Or the International District, as I grew up calling it in my home town).  China Town here is really just a 4-5 block stretch of Asian groceries, stores, and restaurants.  So we parked and set foot..  As we were walking, we passed a Chinese Medicine store… on a whim, I thought, “hmmmm…let me just ask…… do you have anything for infertility?” and mannnn, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!!

The doctor/specialist asked me a few questions and quickly said she would put together a 7-day dosage for me.  I waved as she ran to the back room.  Wonderful!  7-Days of herbal remedies, no problem-o!  After all, I have bottles of herbal remedies at home: fish oil, cranberry pills, ginseng.. to name a few.  So we waited, waited, and waited for about a half hour… Customers came and left, store employees answering questions, some ladies putting together bags of what looked like tree bark.  So, not having seen the specialist come back I asked the lady at the counter if I should come back. “No, I am almost done,” with a smile.  I notice those bags of ‘nature’ were mine… all 7 of them!  Still, I think no problem, I can do this and it’ll be a new experience for me.  After all, I’m Asian, my great grandfather was Chinese, I can embrace my roots!  She gave me instructions as filled the grocery bag with my medicine, then rang me up “98 Dollars” she says… WOW, did I think this was going to be cheap?  Did I not know that quality medicine in any culture would cost a pretty penny??  I pray to God that this will work!

Night One: Boil the herbs in 6 8-oz. Cups of Water over medium heat and boil until it reduces to one cup. Easy as pie!  No… let me just paint a picture… the first time I tried to ‘smoke-bomb’ my house to get rid of sugar ants, I figured I could easily set off the spray upstairs, close the doors and carry on about our business downstairs (and vice versa).  Well, within seconds I realized I was totally wrong and we were all forced to sit out on the porch in our pajamas for 4 hours!  This is how Night One went.  The smell went through the pores in our walls and everyone, including my dear husband (who works from home), left me to stomach the fragrance.  After the concoction was finished, I was to strain the tea into a cup and drink it.  Consumer Tip: Do Not Attempt to Drink a Chinese Herbal Medicine Through a Straw ooooh.. no amount of sugar in the world made this taste any better.

 Morning One: Using the same herbs from the night prior, add 5 8-oz. cups of water and boil over medium heat until it reduces to one cup. Note: Cooking a Chinese tea at 6am while trying to get ready for work is not recommended.  First of all, I am not a morning person to begin with.  This is how it went down.. knock, knock, knock… I answer the door.  My older son says it’s time to wake up.  My feet hit the floor as I curse the school system for starting high school at 7am.  I have about 30 minutes to make this tea… as it boils, the house does not smell as bad.  It finally reduces and I ask my teenage son to help me strain it into a cup.  Friendly Advice: Strain Chinese Herbal Tea After Drinking a Cup of Coffee – Highly Encouraged   Brown juice splashed all over the carpet, on the floor, and through that crack between the stove and the counter …. Aghhh!  Ok, I can do this..

Night Two: I warn everyone before boiling the tea.  Everyone decides they’ve gotten used to the smell, no one moves.. ok.  I get out the Glad Scented Candle (which I got for FREE, thanks to my fabulous couponing skills, I’ll get to that eventually), turn on my mini fan, turn on the range-top vent… and turn up the heat.  A little wiser this time, I chug that ‘ish’ down like it’s a Buttery Nipple during Happy Hour.

Morning Two: I’m sleepy, I stay in bed till 6:15, I boil the tea.. It reduces down to 2 cups.. ahh darn it.  I can only get one cup in my travel coffee mug.  Oh well, watered down herbal medicine it is.

Night Three: Like a Cake Walk

Morning Three: Did I say I was not a morning person?  Not happening, I’ll take a double-dose tonight..

I have 4 more days to go…. I am hoping beyond hope that it works.  I’m praying more that God blesses us somewhere in all of this … after all, next month we start the IVF process.. and to me, that will be the final step on the staircase of fertility.  And it costs as much as a brand new car.  So I’ll do what it takes this month and if it happens I will be the happiest woman on the planet!