The Talk

Well, I today I will have ‘the talk’ with…. my boss.  The talk, about the ‘birds and bees’, you ask?  Why yes, the Birds, the Bees, the appointments, the needles, the medications, the 4 days I’ll be requesting off (depending on the day I ovulate).. yep.. The Talk.

As I’ve mentioned before, this month is our first round of Modified Natural IVF.  We chose this route because, though we have IVF insurance coverage, after the amount of money already spent towards infertility, the remainder would not cover Traditional IVF.  And so, since it is the “Modified Natural” option, the process solely depends on when (or even if) I ovulate.
Anyway, back to the topic, I am planning to have this dreaded talk with my boss.  Of course any working woman could relate to my anxiety, right? It’s so taboo to speak of pregnancy, even the thought of having a baby when, not even a month ago, we were talking about ‘next steps’ in my career!   And though I trust her and believe we have a great working relationship, the “it’s not personal, just business” side of working in the Corporate World makes me cringe at the repercussions that might come if, say, the first round doesn’t work.. Where do we go from there?  Will there be subsequent months of un-scheduled days off?  If we end up not being able to conceive, will the little bug in her ear cause her to think I am not capable of focusing on my career?
Here’s to hoping this goes well!


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