Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,
You are a source of entertainment for me.  After all, almost all of you are my very own friends and family.  Through this expansive venue, I can share pictures of my most recent vacations while I can laugh at your latest mishap at the local coffee shop. Though our community spans across the world, one click and we are next-door neighbors!

But there are times when I must ignore you.  With all sincerity, I must overlook your ‘great news’ (congratulations, by the way) for the the lack of my own ‘great news’.  Sometimes I must ‘unsubscribe’ from your latest baby pictures (yes, she is adorable) to live my life ignorantly assuming that the Social Networking World is only filled with quotes spelled out on old-fashioned pictures and an overwhelming amount of game requests (sorry I ignored them).

Please forgive me for not responding as often as I would like, I’m sure my future ‘news’ will be eagerly displayed for you to choose to ‘like’ or ignore.  But, we can just have this understanding if I don’t hear from you at times.  In the meantime, the quote-pictures, game requests, and daily funnies are free reign for all.
You’re friend,