I’m Hott!

Really, I am… no really.. like someone lit a campfire in the middle of my living room.  Oh and I’m leaking..  if I wasn’t on progesterone, I’d think I was going through early menopause! Or am I?

These are the things we discussed we discussed at the baby shower today.. babies and menopause..  how, one might ask, do these 2 contrasting conversations get started at the brunch table?  Well, you guessed it: Hormones.  And both subjects I feel like I can somewhat relate!  The only problem is that my face-to-face friends don’t know the half of what I’m going through .  Those reading my blog: you are lucky ones who know all about this side of me.  Yep. Consider yourselves lucky, or not, that I have shared my hormonal indiscretions with you…because I am too chicken to share this part of me with my closest family and friends.  Not that I don’t trust them.  I trust them with a lot of things, we share a lot of laughter, girl’s nights, sob-stories.. but this one I have kept to myself (I’ve only shared my infertility woes with a select few).  More, I’m afraid of the advice I’d get if they knew how long we’ve been trying.  Even the ‘inner circle’ have thrown out some pretty loving, sincere, outrageous advice.  And this blog is somewhat an outlet to read similar stories, get advice from those who have gone through the trenches, and remain somewhat anonymous along the way… my only regret, is that I hadn’t started ‘blogging’ or at least reading your blogs years ago!