It might be apparent from my past posts that I’ve been doing a lot of self-realization thinking over the past month.  Perhaps it’s because of the amount of free time I’ve found since I have been off the hormones last month preparing for our “graduation” (as the IVF nurse calls it) to Natural In Vitro that should start any day now.  I’ve also been reading a book called Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend.  Good read so far!

Sitting here in my car, watching my son’s football practice, I started thinking….  How have I gotten so caught up in everything I have literally lost myself in the anger and frustration of it all?  I’m usually the happy one, I like to hang out with friends, cook, try new things.. but lately, my focus on TRYING to have a baby has gotten so intense I’ve let go of the lady in me.

So I started making a list of things of questions I want to be able to answer.  (And I’m killing time because I finished the 2 Food & Wine magazines I brought with me) I may have come across a similar list from a Cosmo magazine or a chain-email.  This might be a good starting point on picking up the blob I’ve become and putting myself back together.  Answering these will essentially be my goal for 2013.

So this is my ONE list

  • Make one dish really well:
  • Have one skill people know me for – personal (ie. Cooking, dancing, etc.):
  • Have one skill people know me for – professional (ie. Speaking, selling, etc.):
  • One subject I really know about (ie. History, geography..etc.):
  • One feature of my appearance that I am proud of:
  • One feature of my personality that I am proud of:

I didn’t answer them on this post, some of these I have no idea how to answer, especially the Subject question.  I think there might be some great additions to the list, but my free time ends in a half-hour.

So, knock yourself out if you have some time to answer these for yourself.  We all need to take a few minutes a year to reflect on who we have become and be proud of it!