Lost and Found

The little joy of entering the blogging world is that you can type any topic in a search field and you automatically ‘follow’ posts of people who are thinking the exact thing you might be at the moment!  A couple weeks ago, I found myself in a Fall Cleaning Frenzy and I started following “Declutter”, “Cleaning”, and “Organizing” and my oh my did I get some great cleaning tips!

I have cleared out a lot of cluttered space and can finally breath a little.  The other benefit of decluttering is finding little treasures you forgot you had.  In my case, it was 5 disposable cameras.  I thought surely the pictures would be long gone, I hadn’t used a disposable camera in years!  They sat in my car for about a week because I couldn’t find a store that still develops film!  Finally coming across a CVS with a Photo Lab, I dropped them off and a couple hours later, I got the most precious, valuable pictures I could ever imagine.

I think he’s wearing a Halloween Costume

Boys at Summer Camp

Goofy Boys

The last picture is my absolute favorite.  The smiles and goofiness, the memories!  Several of the pictures I could not recall who was in them or where we were.  But, I am so happy to have found them!

Now… if I could only find a floppy disk drive somewhere, I next to the cameras were about 15 floppy discs with labels that say “Pictures.” I’m on a treasure hunt!