The Voice Muffler

Taken from Wikipedia – Snydley Whiplash, the Villain

Yesterday my son asked me if he could go to a football game, after I said no, he asked me if he could go “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah“…. After I finished paying the bills, I spent an hour calling his cell and looking around the neighborhood for him.  Then he came home and told me he went to his friend’s house in which it all came back to memory.

A few days ago, my husband told me that, “tomorrow, I’m going to wah, wah, wah,wah, wah.” (that’s my Snoopy voice) After I finished cooking, we sat down and had a nice dinner.  The next day he calls me at work and said, “it went pretty well.” And I quickly realized he had a job interview that morning.

Last week, my coworker told me she was, “at la, dee, dah, dee, dah.” I finally finished my reporting and, later on that day, walked down the hall to visit her.  She was not there.  I realized she was at the other office.

I need help! It’s an epidemic!! The Voice Muffler is on the prowl… He STRIKES my friends and family at any given moment… He DISTRACTS me with a major project and I am unable to save my loved ones from his villainous Muffling capabilities.  When I finally free myself of work, my dear family members are left to re-tell their once muffled stories.

Yes, I need help. Perhaps if I free myself of these projects, or take a second to look up while they’re talking, I can catch that vicious Voice Muffler before he strikes again!  We all have the power of Focus… and it penetrates the Muffler like no other…. So if any of you sees this dirty villain, use your powerful Focus quickly before he strikes your family too!