Is it possible to overdose on Prenatal Vitamins???


I’ve been sick for the past 3 days.. well my sons and I have been sick, and this morning my husband sneezed 2 times so I know its not time to put the Kleenex away yet. But being too lazy to get up, these prenatal vitamins (which taste like candy) are REALLY tempting right now.
Aside from my limited snacking options, here are my top ten reasons why I hate being sick:
10. The usual aches and pains

9. Looking around the house and watching it get messier and messier but being too tired to clean

8. Driving to work and having ‘drainage’ and no tissue or Kleenex around (won’t share my solution to that problem, not pretty)

7. Clearing out your DVR and not having anything to watch cause all the summer shows are over and the fall shows haven’t started yet

6. The da*n Cooking Channel makes me so hungry!

5. That imprint that stays across your nose after you peel off the Breathe-Right strip

4. That ugly red dry patch that forms under your nose from the constant wiping of snot

3. 2. (My eyes are getting heavy so I’ll just jump to #1)

#1. That Sharp feeling when you have to sneeze but you can’t so it sticks in the back of your head!