Bathroom Dilemmas

Excuse the hair, my hair gets everywhere

Ahhh, the age-old conflict between man and woman…. he squeezes, you slide. He likes it under, you like it on top.   What do you think I’m talking about? Toothpaste and toilet paper of course!

I’ve heard of major arguments stemming from these two innocent bathroom fixtures. They can’t help but cause confusion, after all, there are no instructions on how to consume them.  And at times it can be so confusing! I will share something embarrassing: one day, I was reloading the toilet paper.  For some reason I could not figure out how to get it to get the paper to roll over.  Rotating and rotating the stupid little tube.  I had to sit and look at it for a second thinking, why is this so difficult?? When it suddenly came to me, flip it over! DUH.  Now, I can say we both agree on the toilet paper roll issue.

But the one thing we do NOT agree on is toothpaste.  Can you guess which one is mine?  Well I can tell you a little about our personalities.. he’s a laid back, ‘it’s all going to work itself’ out type of guy.  And I’m an orderly, ‘have processes and post-its for everything’ type of gal.  Our solution: Get Two.

Can’t agree on toothpaste? We have 2.  Don’t watch the same shows on TV? His DVR is in the Living Room, mine is in the bedroom.  Other issues work themselves out.  I love chocolate, he doesn’t care for it.  He loves strawberries, me not so much.  Our method of resolving the little things in life seems pretty easy right?  Are we avoiding some type of toothpaste and TV blow up in the future?  Probably.  But one can only hope either one of us never runs out of toothpaste!


  1. that is awesome! I don’t care to much about tooth paste. But when it gets all goopie at the end it makes me want to vomit.. lol.. My Hubs does by the tooth paste and when he does he comes home with 4 of the same brand different kinds. He opens them all and puts them all behind the mirror. WHitening, whitening with baking soda, sensitive, sensitive with whitening… gotta love em’

  2. We used to share. I would slide the toothpaste all the way up and roll up the flat ends with a hair clip. Then he could squeeze all he wants. Then I’d slide it again in a few days. But it was way to much work so we have our own. I keep mine in a drawer, else he’ll squeeze that one too! 🙂

  3. I’d have to have my own toothpaste/brush arrangement. I have at least 3 different kinds of toothbrushes and pastes to choose from since this is a mundane activity all must do! I squeeze it wherever on the tube, and yes- I get dried on tooth-paste goo that I pick off. Tube caps seems to grow legs and run for their lives unless they are connected, or a “flip-cap.”

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