I’m writing this post from a little waiting room next to the X-ray room at the ER. Why, might you ask..

My son, bless his heart, got kneed (spelling?) in the rib while making a tackle. So he was in much pain. But I am totally blaming the reason for this post on the unknowing and seemingly sincere nurse who asked me if I wanted to accompany my son to the X-ray room. Of course my first instinct is Yes. Then she asked me the dreaded question “is there a chance you could be pregnant?” And that is when I froze. My son looking at me, various answers running through my mind.. all I could answer was.. “um, maybe I don’t know” (sigh). Now my son thinks I could be preggo, which I am probably not. I more likely answered out of fear.. like when my mom used to ask “how did you do on that exam?” And I’d quickly answer “good”. In reality I crammed, I have no idea it could be really great or I could have bombed…. Well now I must wait patiently for my son to come out so that I can backtrack my words to cover that up!

Sparkles Can Be Deceiving

A big reason for starting a blog was, regardless of my child or childless status, I wanted to find myself.  Part of that was the style that got hidden under my gym shorts and mom jeans…figuratively speaking, of course… cause I don’t go to the gym and I only have ONE pair of mom jeans. 😉

Anyway, since I am always looking for chic, yet purse-friendly, items. I want to start posting my finds.  I like to go by the ‘$20 and under’ rule.  But there are SO many exceptions to this rule.

See the black under my toes.. those are Insoles I thought would help my situation!

See these cute Shoes from Hell??  I bought them for my friend’s wedding which SHE looked gorgeous in, by the way.  But our bridesmaids’ dresses were $280. And with the cost of our flight, hotel, and so on, I was on a mission to find the least expensive accessories possible! Well, I found these at Payless Shoes for $20 + some change and they had a LITTLE scuff mark so they took 20% off.  (Did I mention I am a coupon/discount-crazed woman??) 

Well, its been 3 months since the wedding and I have forgotten how PAINFUL they felt while standing next to my ‘big sis’ (as I call her) during her 30 minute ceremony.  I forgot how the straps cut into the middle of my inner foot like a dull knife as I deliberate on if I should take them off and stand on top of them or wait it out until, hopefully, my feet go numb.

I’ve forgotten….Until, I decided to wear them last night to a 4-hour concert!

Background: Ok, I am loving this new up-and-coming West Coast rap artist named Kendrick Lamar.  I don’t listen to rap.  I love R&B, Jazz, Pop, and the Oldies but Goodies.  But they intro’d a few songs on Satellite radio and I was hooked.  Hubby likes his music too.  So, we found out he was in concert here and jumped on some VIP tickets.

#1 Why did I, a 33-year-old, decide to get dressed up for a concert that mainly 18-23 year-olds would attend?? (they were all in jeans and sneakers, some girls with no make-up – darn them, they still looked cute!!)

#2 Why did I think we would be able to sit down at this venue for a rap concert at a local club? (VIP was just a higher-level which we could see over the crowd)

#3 Why did I think it would be as punctual as, say, the New Edition concert we attended in the Seattle Area? (It started at 7 and ended at 9:30, on the dot)

Answer to #1, #2, #3: I DON’T KNOW, AND NOW I FEEL OLD!!

Back to the shoes… standing in these shoes for 4 hours brought all sorts of feelings:  At first, I was working it, showing off my cute pedicured toes. They were comfy (as they deceived me at the Payless Shoe Store). Then I thought, ok a standing line down the block, no problem-o. I can lean on one foot let the other rest and vice versa. As we walked in, no seats, pain was not too bad, I can handle it.  1 hour later: I want to throw up, the room is getting dark, my feet are throbbing!!!

I ended up going for option #2 of my initial deliberation: take them off then stand on top of them.  And that, folks, is how I got through the 4-hour concert.

Note to self: Write Post-It notes on all heels on how long I can stand in them.  These will be “30-Minute” shoes.