I’m writing this post from a little waiting room next to the X-ray room at the ER. Why, might you ask..

My son, bless his heart, got kneed (spelling?) in the rib while making a tackle. So he was in much pain. But I am totally blaming the reason for this post on the unknowing and seemingly sincere nurse who asked me if I wanted to accompany my son to the X-ray room. Of course my first instinct is Yes. Then she asked me the dreaded question “is there a chance you could be pregnant?” And that is when I froze. My son looking at me, various answers running through my mind.. all I could answer was.. “um, maybe I don’t know” (sigh). Now my son thinks I could be preggo, which I am probably not. I more likely answered out of fear.. like when my mom used to ask “how did you do on that exam?” And I’d quickly answer “good”. In reality I crammed, I have no idea it could be really great or I could have bombed…. Well now I must wait patiently for my son to come out so that I can backtrack my words to cover that up!


  1. Hope your son is okay! Poor guy…rib injuries are so painful! I feel ya on the awkwardness of the X-ray question. I work with doctors and their staff ask me that question and grin all the time. I wish I could just write on my forehead, “Chances are slim im pregnant, but just say you need a moment and I’ll leave. Don’t say ‘pregnant’ aloud please.”

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