Reason Why I Thought I Was Pregnant #37

#36 Because We Were On a Break

(#36 because it has been about 3 years now)

Duh… everyone says it’s Gonna Happen When You’re Not Trying.. but of course, was I really not trying? Maybe it will take a few months to get out of the habit of counting DPO’s!

#37 Because My Ta-Ta’s hurt

Yep, my very last and final “missing” symptom that I thought would be IT.  My ta-ta’s hurt for nearly 2 weeks and I thought this was a sure thing… but aren’t all new symptoms a “sure thing”?  Well, checked and crossed off the list.  I have now experienced ALL symptoms that the books have spelled out, friends have detailed, and the posts have listed.

And, like clockwork, Not-So-Pretty-in-Pink has showed up again.

Ok, back to not trying again… and I think now I will finally relax because there will be no symptom my non-pregnant body can experience that would surprise me.