Happy Pumpkin Day (Eve)!

Well I have to say we haven’t always celebrated Halloween.  When my children were young, I called it Harvest Day or Pumpkin Day.  We still trick-or-treated.  But I limited the ghosts, skeletons, and other scary stuff

But teenage boys want everything to do with painting their faces and scaring each other!

A couple weeks ago, elder son wanted to go to Halloween Horror Nights with his classmates at school (sort of a school field trip). Several of his friends were going so I signed the registration form… Shhh… but I snuck out there to hang outside the park in case he ‘needed me’.  Over-bearing, much?  Anyway, he you-tubed and googled the HHN Haunted Houses and read reviews for days before the trip.  He was SO excited! Ended up, he didn’t need me after all.  We went home and waited for his call to pick him up.  The next day I asked him how it went and he said, “Mom, we didn’t go to ANY haunted houses.  One of my friends was too scared and we didn’t want to leave her.”  Ahh, how nice of the group..  But you can’t go to Halloween Horror Nights and not see any of the houses!! I caved and bought us tickets for the next week…

At the entrance! My son on the left is trying to do a scary face but it ended up looking like “duhhh”

If you are like me and get scared easily, go in thinking “they can’t touch me, they can’t touch me.”  That seems to do the trick.  Also, for the love of your big toe, please go in sneakers or flip flops.  I saw so many ladies in heels and after one 90-minute line you will not have any fun!  I just have to say, 6 Haunted Houses and 8 Hours later, these boys were happy… Tired, but satisfied.

Please excuse the Ham in the background..

The next day they carved pumpkins.  And I am still debating on if they should go Trick-Or-Treating, never sure when the cut-off age is for these things… Well, that’s pretty much how we have celebrated Halloween / Harvest Day / Pumpkin Day so far.  What I do love about this day is that it sort of kicks-off the holiday season… So however you celebrate (or not) hope you have a great week and eat lots of candy!

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Thank You

Well, it has certainly been a couple weeks since my last post.  Thanks to WordPress for recognizing a unique post of mine, and I have been steadily responding to the amazing outpouring of support.  I sincerely hope that anyone who has/had the same experience would take the responses as their own and also know that they (WE) are not alone!

I will continue to respond to every comment but I just wanted to say Thank You as I continue to post in the meantime. 

To my new followers, I just wanted to introduce myself.   Hello, Thank you for following me!  I might have already followed several of you as well.  I am a mother of 2 teenagers… Of course, it is easy for any parent to lead by that statement: “I am a mother.”  But my teenagers are growing quickly. I have poured my heart and soul into these boys and I’m not sure where (geographically) the future holds for them.  I am also a newlywed and we have been actively trying to have a baby for over a year now.  Other than that: I like to shop (too much), have a shoe-fetish, am addicted to coupons, watch football, and I love my job mainly because I get to create Excel Spreadsheets. I grew up in the suburbs on the West Coast, and now live in the suburbs on the East Coast.  Like many suburban-ites, I greet my neighbors with a ‘Hello’, smile at passers-by, and take my children to sporting events. But few really know what’s behind the smile and that is why I have my blog.  Hope you have a great day!