Emergency Room Tool Kit

Well, here we are… another day at the ER.  Through various illnesses, injuries, and “I think it’s an emergency but can’t really tell”(‘s). We have learned to thoroughly pack for the ER wait.

Thankfully, our local hospital has a 1-hour guarantee in which they give you a free lunch for 2 voucher if you have to wait over an hour, but the magazine selection is scarce and the wait is usually STILL an hour-long (or more).

Note: My son seems to be doing ok, he had a high fever since Monday and today he experienced more symptoms that prompted me to call the nurse line.  She said bring him in… and here we are.  Hubby and big bro (“Kuya,” in Tagalog) have left to go home and he is happily getting some much-needed sleep as I type away.

So here is semi-expert ER Tool Kit list:

~Fleece Blanket It can get cold in here.  Or use it as a pillow if you need to take a quick nap.

~Ziploc Baggie of Crackers or Small Snacks That vending machine can be very tempting, but do you really want to spend $1 on a tiny bag of peanuts?

~Ipod & Headphones Headphones, of course, so your ER lobby friends don’t have to hear your music or e-book, but ALSO to block out the sound of screaming children and moaning/coughing of other sick-mates that might make you feel even worse.  One lady started making vomiting noises in the lobby I had to tell my son to put those headphones on so he wouldn’t start gagging to the noise.

~A Book or Magazine

~Cell Phone Charger With battery-sucking cell phone apps these days, our charge is gone in an hour flat. So if you’re like me, you already carry your USB cord everywhere you go.

~Laptop & Charger In case you want to blog your waiting room experience 😉 Or work, which I’ll probably end up doing from here tomorrow morning.

~Ailment Relievers Wasn’t sure how to put it, like Saline Spray, Cough Drops, Ice Pack, etc. I know we’re here for the hospital to take care of that, but sometimes they take so long its just easier to pull it out of your bag.

Well, this is my short, but sweet, ER Tool Kit.  If you have any other contributions, they are absolutely welcome.  I’m also trying to make a What-To-Bring-To-The-Beach Kit (which I have a good 6 months to plan) and an Essentials-For-Road-Trips Kit.

Well, Good News… in the time it took for me to type this, the nurse just came in and said his tests came back OK and he is good to go, just a virus that we need to wait out… Hooray!


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