No Coffee – Day 3

So, I failed to mention that during our Final IVF Consultation the doctor noticed that I was holding a cup of “coffee” I poured myself in the lobby.  She asked me if I noticed….. and I quickly blurted “that it’s decaf??” So she went into this micro-speech about how they advise us to stay away from caffeine.. blah, blah BLAHHHH. (this is my un-caffeinated self talking right now).  So, hubby quickly jumped on this bandwagon of misery and advised that I stick to decaf.

Day 1: AWFUL. Worst headache ever. I can’t believe I have become so addicted to coffee/caffeine. I ate more/drank more water, and ended up taking a couple Tylenol and slept the headache away. Sounds pitiful, doesn’t it?

I recall someone sending me an article once saying that there is No Such Thing as a Caffeine Addiction, to them I say – tell that to my migraine!

Day 2: OK. I had decaf. Head hurts a bit, dragging a little.  But I was ok.  My husband sent me links like this:

Which cracked me up. She gets me!

Day 3: Today. I woke up knowing I was’t going to have coffee. I’m having water… lots and lots of water. Good so far and glad I’m sitting next to the restroom.

Any other coffee addicts out there?  Do I REALLY need to quit caffeine cold turkey?

More Thoughts on IVF

The IVF Process is much like planning a wedding..

Instead of the Wedding Coordinator – you have a nurse

Instead of the Premarital Counselor – you have the Financial Counselor

Instead of the Officiant – you have the doctor

Instead of Cake Tastings – you have HSGs, Bloodwork, Sonograms

Exercise/Diet for Wedding – you guessed it… exercise/(change) diet for baby

And much like choosing your wedding party – you choose who you want to be in your circle through this entire process.

IVF Final Consultation Appt

Blogging through my 3 hour FINAL Consultation Appointment… Lots of waiting time between meeting with the doctor, nurse, doctor, then nurse again….

  • They only serve decaf in the lobby
  • Looking around, infertility does not discriminate, very diverse group of people in here.
  • Just met with the doctor… there are so many ways to have a baby… how many times do I want to be injected? Do I want to freeze or do fresh? How much is this all going to cost us?
  • Hubby looks like I should know what she’s talking about… and I’m looking at him like HE should know what she’s talking about… we’re both confused. She draws a chart with arrows… and I get it now.
  • Had a hysteroscopy and wished they would have put me under! Oooh weeee anyone who has this planned: bring a stress ball or something to squeeze, take pain meds ahead of time! (unless they give them to you there), if you get queasy at the sight of blood you may want to look away from the screen as you WILL see the journey into your uterus…

Finally, the nurse went through the details of every single step and every single day and assured me that she will be there through every step of the way.  Leading up to this appointment, I was full of questions and anxiety not really knowing what was going to take place.  But this appointment was worth every minute of the 3 hours it took – birth control ends on Feb 9 then the fun really begins!


You might have noticed my blog title states “Tearing off the Mom Cape and Shopping for Stilettos”. I started this blog at the funkiest of funkiest crossroads I’ve ever encountered in my life:

Hubby and I were going through the “terrible twos” in our marriage, if there ever was one.  The boys, just getting back from a whirlwind 1-month vacation in Seattle, wanted to move there. And all the while, with the increasing stages of fertility treatments, my hormone levels were something like the Space Mountain ride at Disney World.  So, who can blame me?? All I wanted to do was “Tear Off my Mom Cape and Go Shopping for Stilettos”!  There IS such thing as retail therapy, right?

Here’s a news update for you: I have not purchased 1 pair of stilettos since I’ve started this blog.

And I’m still here in the trenches; working on our marriage (year 4 coming up!), dealing with 2 teenagers (and I thought my hormone levels were bad), and thanking God that we are now on the path to our first round of IVF.

I knew my blog would be messy when I started it – I’ve never been a very organized person. But, one day…. and hopefully one day SOON, I’ll have accomplished at least one of the goals in my blog. And I’ll have the written history to read back and hopefully laugh on.

So, here’s to ROUND 1 of IVF **Ding**

Have my boxing gloves on and we’re ready to knock out this infertility once and for all!