You might have noticed my blog title states “Tearing off the Mom Cape and Shopping for Stilettos”. I started this blog at the funkiest of funkiest crossroads I’ve ever encountered in my life:

Hubby and I were going through the “terrible twos” in our marriage, if there ever was one.  The boys, just getting back from a whirlwind 1-month vacation in Seattle, wanted to move there. And all the while, with the increasing stages of fertility treatments, my hormone levels were something like the Space Mountain ride at Disney World.  So, who can blame me?? All I wanted to do was “Tear Off my Mom Cape and Go Shopping for Stilettos”!  There IS such thing as retail therapy, right?

Here’s a news update for you: I have not purchased 1 pair of stilettos since I’ve started this blog.

And I’m still here in the trenches; working on our marriage (year 4 coming up!), dealing with 2 teenagers (and I thought my hormone levels were bad), and thanking God that we are now on the path to our first round of IVF.

I knew my blog would be messy when I started it – I’ve never been a very organized person. But, one day…. and hopefully one day SOON, I’ll have accomplished at least one of the goals in my blog. And I’ll have the written history to read back and hopefully laugh on.

So, here’s to ROUND 1 of IVF **Ding**

Have my boxing gloves on and we’re ready to knock out this infertility once and for all!