No Coffee – Day 3

So, I failed to mention that during our Final IVF Consultation the doctor noticed that I was holding a cup of “coffee” I poured myself in the lobby.  She asked me if I noticed….. and I quickly blurted “that it’s decaf??” So she went into this micro-speech about how they advise us to stay away from caffeine.. blah, blah BLAHHHH. (this is my un-caffeinated self talking right now).  So, hubby quickly jumped on this bandwagon of misery and advised that I stick to decaf.

Day 1: AWFUL. Worst headache ever. I can’t believe I have become so addicted to coffee/caffeine. I ate more/drank more water, and ended up taking a couple Tylenol and slept the headache away. Sounds pitiful, doesn’t it?

I recall someone sending me an article once saying that there is No Such Thing as a Caffeine Addiction, to them I say – tell that to my migraine!

Day 2: OK. I had decaf. Head hurts a bit, dragging a little.  But I was ok.  My husband sent me links like this:

Which cracked me up. She gets me!

Day 3: Today. I woke up knowing I was’t going to have coffee. I’m having water… lots and lots of water. Good so far and glad I’m sitting next to the restroom.

Any other coffee addicts out there?  Do I REALLY need to quit caffeine cold turkey?