How Do You Relax????? And Other Ponderings of IVF

So, this is the WEEK!!!! Yipee! We’ve waited so long for this opportunity and it’s finally here. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

So, for those unfamiliar with IVF, here is the gist of what I’ve learned so far:

(Disclaimer: I am not medically certified in any matter…. like I said… planning IVF is like Planning a Wedding, so everyone will have their own set of protocol).

You might have to take birth control for about a month before the actual cycle… I took the full 21-packet with yesterday being my last day on “the pill” (gee, it’s been YEARS since I’ve said that).  On Wednesday, I go in for a sonogram to see if everything looks good in there, and then I start my injections on Friday!  Since we’re doing ICSI, then “freeze all”, then frozen embryo transfer (FET), our IVF process will take 2 cycles.  It’s a little easier on the body, I’ve been told.  Because it will allow your body to refresh after you’ve produced so many eggs.  But of all the information I’ve been given, the resounding piece of advice is “you need to let go of the stress”… stress… stress…stress (*echo*). Really? Any woman (going through fertility treatments, or not) has a ton of hats on already! To me – it’s just another “hat” to wear in trying to be stress-free!

Ahhhh **deep breath** that being said…. This week is a crazy one…. why?  Not only because of these exciting new ventures into IVF.  But on Wed morning I go to my sonogram, then catch a plane to Key West that afternoon, for a business meeting that will last till Friday. Then catch a plane back home on Friday, then have my first injection…. oh yeah, and it’s Valentine’s day.  Did you have to read that twice? I did…. this week is busy.  It’s “good-busy”, as I like to say.  Lots of fun ahead… but I like to unwind by being alone in a quiet place to gather my thoughts.  The BIG struggle here is how do you trick your body into saying it’s relaxing while you’re always on the go?  What do you do to balance faith/home/life/career…. and preparation for an upcoming procedure that requires you to relax?


  1. I have the same problem. Diaphragmatic breathing tricks your body. I didn’t quite believe it, but I had my proof when my always freezing cold hands (72 degrees according to hand thermometer) warmed up to 97 degrees thanks to my blood vessels dilating due to diaphragmatic breathing telling my chronically ill body we should be in parasympathetic mode. That’s a bit extreme of an example, but even people without cold hands will run in the high 80s when stressed then go up with breathing. The hand thermometer was helpful at first to confirm my breathing was working. They sell it for around 20 dollars as a “biofeedback thermometer” on Amazon.

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