Just a Miracle

Ever have one of those days when, if anything goes right, it would be a miracle from God?

That day is today. I received a phone call last night, shortly after typing my last post, appropriately named, “How Do You Relax??”

I gladly answered the call from Freedom Pharmacy, excited to get my injections started!  Minor detail…. after speaking with my insurance, they informed me that I needed to pay the full amount of my deductible (and then some) and they needed the payment in FULL before they can ship my meds! How was I going to get $3,000 in 3 days? For some, that may be pocket change… for me: a working-class, paycheck-to-paycheck, trying-to-get-by gal… that’s a lot of money!

My husband kept telling me that it’s nothing to stress about, that we’re in it together, and to listen to this song: It’s Working, by William Murphy (which I now have on repeat). And I said, if anything good happens today, it will be a miracle from God.

And guess what…. we were blessed by God.  We received a miracle from God.  Today, less than 24 hours after the dreaded phone call (2 days before the payment due date), we were able to pay for the meds in FULL! I’m entirely grateful to God, our Provider.

I’m far from perfect and my struggle with infertility has been the biggest hurdle, yet, in my faith. But, there is a true living God who loves me despite it all.  And He loves YOU too!