Shots! Shots! Shots! (at Club IVF)

I’m back from the Keys!  I took a 3-Day trip to Key West with my work team last week, and it was beautiful. Very relaxing…


We got to take a little boat ride to Sunset Key – GORGEOUS Scenery Everywhere!20140213_142115One venue provided these little tea bags that spun around while you poured in the hot water.. and strawberry fondue served in mini martini glasses.

One evening they went out for cocktails and I played it off by quietly asking the server for a virgin margaritas… perfect drink for the Keys! Nope, no drinking for me…..

Here at Club IVF, we’re doing shots of Gonal F and Menopur.  And man-oh-man do I feel hungover

Not sure if it’s the Z-Pak they’re making us both take (so we’re bacteria-free for egg retrieval/fertilization) or the injections, or both.  But I’m feeling exhausted, have headaches and a tiny bit nauseous. Tonight will be our 3rd evening of injections…. which I have pretty high hopes for.  Day 1, not so much.  We messed up our first “cocktail” – accidentally mixing the Gonal F with the Sodium Chloride – deeming our first dose of Gonal F void of efficacy.  So there goes 300 IU ($$$$) down the drain. We dialed another 300 IU , mixed it perfectly and injected into a generous pinch of flab in my lower abdomen.

So a Note to Gonal F/Menopur Users: Make sure to check your Monopur Vials to separate the Sodium Chloride from the Menopur before mixing!

And…..I have an early appointment tomorrow morning to check my estrogen level…. Baby Dust to my fellow-IVF-buddies!