New Friend-Date

I was at Target a couple weeks ago and picked up a book called MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche.  Turns out, she’s a fellow WordPress blogger ( , I’m not sure yet how to add a link to my post). I was looking for a good lunch-break book and got some great suggestions (thanks IVF Male for suggesting Game of Thrones, still need to look it up!).  With the colorful polka-dots and catchy title, it was an instant buy. Like the cover, it’s a fun-read about a newly-married gal who moved to a new city and started looking for a new BFF.  I can totally relate in the sense that some of my closest friends live in different states and I have been on a search (or more like, on a hunt) for new BFFs.  Ladies, is it just me, or is friend-making in our 20’s & 30’s a little more difficult and/or complicated than passing notes in High School?  I find, especially in this state, that it is very rare to meet a native Floridian as much as it is hard to build a friendship before my new buddy has to move away.  So it can be complicated, yet I am thankful I’ve made a few fabulous friendships along the way.

That being said, yesterday I went on my first “blind” friend-date.  Let me give you some history.  Back in July, the boys were spending time with their family on the West Coast.  Hubby and I were like honey-mooners for a month! We went on this pub-crawl and met some other fun couples during the event.  No surprise, I had a few (or several) glasses of wine and I was a blabbering fool.

Can you guess who these ladies are dressed up as?? 

You will see ANYONE at a Pub Crawl!

Well, the next morning, I woke up to drunk text messages.. to another lady!  According to my husband I instantly connected with someone.  I don’t even remember how I we exchanged phone numbers.  Nooo… I’m not leaning that way, I am still a faithful, loving wife to my husband.  These text messages were like, “My son’s name is the same as your husband’s!” and, “let’s get the kids together sometime!” Yes, we shared drunken-lets-be-friends text messages.  And funny thing, we have stayed in touch ever since.

So, a couple days ago, she sent me a text message that she was going to take her daughter to a Fall Festival, and we decided to meet up!  Can you imagine my anxiety?  That morning, I kept thinking, “will she like sober-me?” I can’t remember what drunk-me was like… I’m a little reserved at first and drunk-me is much more outgoing!  I was excited but a bit nervous.

As it turned out, my new friend is a little more reserved too! Not so much that we didn’t have good conversation, but we had a great time.  We had plenty to talk about and the kids were shyer than us adults.

Back to the book I’m reading, one of the author’s latest posts reads, “It’s not that your new potential friend doesn’t want to have a friend date with you. It’s that everyone is waiting for someone else to make the move. To do the work. To take a chance.” (From her post on Friending the Only Thing You Need to Know, Oct 29).
Even us introverts have to take a step once in a while… and, when all else fails, there’s nothing like a little liquid courage 😉 Kidding, of course

Emergency Room Tool Kit

Well, here we are… another day at the ER.  Through various illnesses, injuries, and “I think it’s an emergency but can’t really tell”(‘s). We have learned to thoroughly pack for the ER wait.

Thankfully, our local hospital has a 1-hour guarantee in which they give you a free lunch for 2 voucher if you have to wait over an hour, but the magazine selection is scarce and the wait is usually STILL an hour-long (or more).

Note: My son seems to be doing ok, he had a high fever since Monday and today he experienced more symptoms that prompted me to call the nurse line.  She said bring him in… and here we are.  Hubby and big bro (“Kuya,” in Tagalog) have left to go home and he is happily getting some much-needed sleep as I type away.

So here is semi-expert ER Tool Kit list:

~Fleece Blanket It can get cold in here.  Or use it as a pillow if you need to take a quick nap.

~Ziploc Baggie of Crackers or Small Snacks That vending machine can be very tempting, but do you really want to spend $1 on a tiny bag of peanuts?

~Ipod & Headphones Headphones, of course, so your ER lobby friends don’t have to hear your music or e-book, but ALSO to block out the sound of screaming children and moaning/coughing of other sick-mates that might make you feel even worse.  One lady started making vomiting noises in the lobby I had to tell my son to put those headphones on so he wouldn’t start gagging to the noise.

~A Book or Magazine

~Cell Phone Charger With battery-sucking cell phone apps these days, our charge is gone in an hour flat. So if you’re like me, you already carry your USB cord everywhere you go.

~Laptop & Charger In case you want to blog your waiting room experience 😉 Or work, which I’ll probably end up doing from here tomorrow morning.

~Ailment Relievers Wasn’t sure how to put it, like Saline Spray, Cough Drops, Ice Pack, etc. I know we’re here for the hospital to take care of that, but sometimes they take so long its just easier to pull it out of your bag.

Well, this is my short, but sweet, ER Tool Kit.  If you have any other contributions, they are absolutely welcome.  I’m also trying to make a What-To-Bring-To-The-Beach Kit (which I have a good 6 months to plan) and an Essentials-For-Road-Trips Kit.

Well, Good News… in the time it took for me to type this, the nurse just came in and said his tests came back OK and he is good to go, just a virus that we need to wait out… Hooray!

Happy Pumpkin Day (Eve)!

Well I have to say we haven’t always celebrated Halloween.  When my children were young, I called it Harvest Day or Pumpkin Day.  We still trick-or-treated.  But I limited the ghosts, skeletons, and other scary stuff

But teenage boys want everything to do with painting their faces and scaring each other!

A couple weeks ago, elder son wanted to go to Halloween Horror Nights with his classmates at school (sort of a school field trip). Several of his friends were going so I signed the registration form… Shhh… but I snuck out there to hang outside the park in case he ‘needed me’.  Over-bearing, much?  Anyway, he you-tubed and googled the HHN Haunted Houses and read reviews for days before the trip.  He was SO excited! Ended up, he didn’t need me after all.  We went home and waited for his call to pick him up.  The next day I asked him how it went and he said, “Mom, we didn’t go to ANY haunted houses.  One of my friends was too scared and we didn’t want to leave her.”  Ahh, how nice of the group..  But you can’t go to Halloween Horror Nights and not see any of the houses!! I caved and bought us tickets for the next week…

At the entrance! My son on the left is trying to do a scary face but it ended up looking like “duhhh”

If you are like me and get scared easily, go in thinking “they can’t touch me, they can’t touch me.”  That seems to do the trick.  Also, for the love of your big toe, please go in sneakers or flip flops.  I saw so many ladies in heels and after one 90-minute line you will not have any fun!  I just have to say, 6 Haunted Houses and 8 Hours later, these boys were happy… Tired, but satisfied.

Please excuse the Ham in the background..

The next day they carved pumpkins.  And I am still debating on if they should go Trick-Or-Treating, never sure when the cut-off age is for these things… Well, that’s pretty much how we have celebrated Halloween / Harvest Day / Pumpkin Day so far.  What I do love about this day is that it sort of kicks-off the holiday season… So however you celebrate (or not) hope you have a great week and eat lots of candy!

Couponer Tip: Family Dollar has Fun Size Candy for $1.88 (In-Ad Coupon), and you can match it up with $1.50 off 3 Fun Size Candy (Manufacturers Coupon) = $4.14 ($1.38 Each!)

Thank You

Well, it has certainly been a couple weeks since my last post.  Thanks to WordPress for recognizing a unique post of mine, and I have been steadily responding to the amazing outpouring of support.  I sincerely hope that anyone who has/had the same experience would take the responses as their own and also know that they (WE) are not alone!

I will continue to respond to every comment but I just wanted to say Thank You as I continue to post in the meantime. 

To my new followers, I just wanted to introduce myself.   Hello, Thank you for following me!  I might have already followed several of you as well.  I am a mother of 2 teenagers… Of course, it is easy for any parent to lead by that statement: “I am a mother.”  But my teenagers are growing quickly. I have poured my heart and soul into these boys and I’m not sure where (geographically) the future holds for them.  I am also a newlywed and we have been actively trying to have a baby for over a year now.  Other than that: I like to shop (too much), have a shoe-fetish, am addicted to coupons, watch football, and I love my job mainly because I get to create Excel Spreadsheets. I grew up in the suburbs on the West Coast, and now live in the suburbs on the East Coast.  Like many suburban-ites, I greet my neighbors with a ‘Hello’, smile at passers-by, and take my children to sporting events. But few really know what’s behind the smile and that is why I have my blog.  Hope you have a great day!


The Little Things

Having a productive week so far. Yet, it’s only Tuesday.  After 8 months of deciding if I should cut my hair, googling hair styles, and being too busy to make an appointment, I made a last minute decision to trust my locks with a young lady at a Hair Masters near closing time at the mall.  I think any gal would completely understand my apprehension, but given my busy week ahead I had no choice!  So very relieved that it turned out well. I did not get much cut off, just long bangs and she cleaned up my layers.  Though it was not much, it feels much healthier!  A big difference for such little maintenance…

That being said, I dedicate this post to the “Little Things”

This Barnie’s Coffee Cup Cozy

This amazing little contraption is only $1 at your local Barnie’s Coffee Shop.  I have this little condition where I break out in hives when I touch cold things. So I have been guilty of stealing more than one cardboard sleeve at coffee shops when I pick up my cup of joe.  However, a few months ago, I came across this little comfy sleeve of joy and think I can say I’ve saved a couple trees since.  I use it for any cup-sized hot or cold treat (including yummy ice cream sundaes).

Pink, Pink, & Pink

I have never been a fan of the color pink.  Actually, Orange is my favorite color.  And though I’m partial to Orange, I wear a lot of Purple… and still when I’m looking for something ‘customized’ I opt for Pink.  I guess, living in a house with 4 males (this includes my cat), I tend to accentuate my “girly-ness” as much as possible.

This little Jewel Case and the treasure inside it as well.. 99¢ Nivea Hand Creme

A friend of mine sent this to me on a birthday.  She is always so thoughtful and kind.  And this little case reflects her personality.  So I like to keep it on my desk, sort of a reminder of my friendships back home and it gives a little ‘bling’ to my desk. The Nivea Hand creme fits perfectly in the case and it comes in handy throughout the day!

Pandora Radio

I don’t know anyone who can get through a day without music.  Even when sitting in silence,  a song might pop up in my head once in a while.  And yes, I am ‘one of those’ who will occasionally blurt out in singing.  My Pandora Channels? SWV, Nat King Cole, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Hidden Beach Recordings (instrumentals of hip hop/r&b music), and yes… Christmas music.  Because at times who can resist the holiday spirit in the middle of summer??

Sparkles Can Be Deceiving

A big reason for starting a blog was, regardless of my child or childless status, I wanted to find myself.  Part of that was the style that got hidden under my gym shorts and mom jeans…figuratively speaking, of course… cause I don’t go to the gym and I only have ONE pair of mom jeans. 😉

Anyway, since I am always looking for chic, yet purse-friendly, items. I want to start posting my finds.  I like to go by the ‘$20 and under’ rule.  But there are SO many exceptions to this rule.

See the black under my toes.. those are Insoles I thought would help my situation!

See these cute Shoes from Hell??  I bought them for my friend’s wedding which SHE looked gorgeous in, by the way.  But our bridesmaids’ dresses were $280. And with the cost of our flight, hotel, and so on, I was on a mission to find the least expensive accessories possible! Well, I found these at Payless Shoes for $20 + some change and they had a LITTLE scuff mark so they took 20% off.  (Did I mention I am a coupon/discount-crazed woman??) 

Well, its been 3 months since the wedding and I have forgotten how PAINFUL they felt while standing next to my ‘big sis’ (as I call her) during her 30 minute ceremony.  I forgot how the straps cut into the middle of my inner foot like a dull knife as I deliberate on if I should take them off and stand on top of them or wait it out until, hopefully, my feet go numb.

I’ve forgotten….Until, I decided to wear them last night to a 4-hour concert!

Background: Ok, I am loving this new up-and-coming West Coast rap artist named Kendrick Lamar.  I don’t listen to rap.  I love R&B, Jazz, Pop, and the Oldies but Goodies.  But they intro’d a few songs on Satellite radio and I was hooked.  Hubby likes his music too.  So, we found out he was in concert here and jumped on some VIP tickets.

#1 Why did I, a 33-year-old, decide to get dressed up for a concert that mainly 18-23 year-olds would attend?? (they were all in jeans and sneakers, some girls with no make-up – darn them, they still looked cute!!)

#2 Why did I think we would be able to sit down at this venue for a rap concert at a local club? (VIP was just a higher-level which we could see over the crowd)

#3 Why did I think it would be as punctual as, say, the New Edition concert we attended in the Seattle Area? (It started at 7 and ended at 9:30, on the dot)

Answer to #1, #2, #3: I DON’T KNOW, AND NOW I FEEL OLD!!

Back to the shoes… standing in these shoes for 4 hours brought all sorts of feelings:  At first, I was working it, showing off my cute pedicured toes. They were comfy (as they deceived me at the Payless Shoe Store). Then I thought, ok a standing line down the block, no problem-o. I can lean on one foot let the other rest and vice versa. As we walked in, no seats, pain was not too bad, I can handle it.  1 hour later: I want to throw up, the room is getting dark, my feet are throbbing!!!

I ended up going for option #2 of my initial deliberation: take them off then stand on top of them.  And that, folks, is how I got through the 4-hour concert.

Note to self: Write Post-It notes on all heels on how long I can stand in them.  These will be “30-Minute” shoes.


Is it possible to overdose on Prenatal Vitamins???


I’ve been sick for the past 3 days.. well my sons and I have been sick, and this morning my husband sneezed 2 times so I know its not time to put the Kleenex away yet. But being too lazy to get up, these prenatal vitamins (which taste like candy) are REALLY tempting right now.
Aside from my limited snacking options, here are my top ten reasons why I hate being sick:
10. The usual aches and pains

9. Looking around the house and watching it get messier and messier but being too tired to clean

8. Driving to work and having ‘drainage’ and no tissue or Kleenex around (won’t share my solution to that problem, not pretty)

7. Clearing out your DVR and not having anything to watch cause all the summer shows are over and the fall shows haven’t started yet

6. The da*n Cooking Channel makes me so hungry!

5. That imprint that stays across your nose after you peel off the Breathe-Right strip

4. That ugly red dry patch that forms under your nose from the constant wiping of snot

3. 2. (My eyes are getting heavy so I’ll just jump to #1)

#1. That Sharp feeling when you have to sneeze but you can’t so it sticks in the back of your head!

The Voice Muffler

Taken from Wikipedia – Snydley Whiplash, the Villain

Yesterday my son asked me if he could go to a football game, after I said no, he asked me if he could go “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah“…. After I finished paying the bills, I spent an hour calling his cell and looking around the neighborhood for him.  Then he came home and told me he went to his friend’s house in which it all came back to memory.

A few days ago, my husband told me that, “tomorrow, I’m going to wah, wah, wah,wah, wah.” (that’s my Snoopy voice) After I finished cooking, we sat down and had a nice dinner.  The next day he calls me at work and said, “it went pretty well.” And I quickly realized he had a job interview that morning.

Last week, my coworker told me she was, “at la, dee, dah, dee, dah.” I finally finished my reporting and, later on that day, walked down the hall to visit her.  She was not there.  I realized she was at the other office.

I need help! It’s an epidemic!! The Voice Muffler is on the prowl… He STRIKES my friends and family at any given moment… He DISTRACTS me with a major project and I am unable to save my loved ones from his villainous Muffling capabilities.  When I finally free myself of work, my dear family members are left to re-tell their once muffled stories.

Yes, I need help. Perhaps if I free myself of these projects, or take a second to look up while they’re talking, I can catch that vicious Voice Muffler before he strikes again!  We all have the power of Focus… and it penetrates the Muffler like no other…. So if any of you sees this dirty villain, use your powerful Focus quickly before he strikes your family too!

Life Postponed

How do I say this without breaking down in tears… For a lot of reasons, we have postponed our IVF indefinitely.  And perhaps its for good reason.  Maybe, just maybe it will happen next year.  But this year has not been our year.  Do you ever have a Season where everything just goes wrong?  Where you feel like you have nothing while everyone around you has everything??  This is our family.  But this hasn’t always been the case.  For 2010-2011, we had nothing but great news: Our engagement, my college graduation, my son’s 8th grade graduation, our wedding.  Not to mention endless vacations.. etc.  Thinking back, I may have been insensitive to others going through difficult times as we flaunted out announcements here and there.

But, this year, we definitely felt the dark side of the grass.  Doing everything possible to sell our condo/buy a house.  All doors seem like they have shut in our face.  Even in trying to refinance our condo, the difference in payments weren’t worth the trouble. Then we needed a new central air conditioner, then my husband lost his job… then….. well, you know the baby story.

So, due to circumstance, and with LOTS of consideration, we have decided to put off the IVF cycle and the baby making.. to recoup and regroup. Rehash and retrace our steps… and start life over next year.

Yesterday, during an appointment with my Chinese Medicine Doctor I broke down, it may be due to the technique she was using as she beat my shoulder with a stick till blisters surfaced.  But, nevertheless, I broke down in tears.  She knew how stressed I have been and she quietly said, “say, Jesus help me.”  And she kept saying that.  In the half hour I was there, she sat quietly and let me cry and when I wanted to hold it in she said to just let it out.  She prayed and cried with me.  And I just knew I was in the right place at the right time.

With all that being said, I will wait anxiously till next year because I have a feeling there is no other way to go but Up.