Separation and Divorce

Life is far from perfect so I didn’t think my marriage to even come close.  But, I never expected a second divorce.  In navigating Empty Nest syndrome, Male Infertility, Autoimmune Disease and Epilepsy, I thought that my Struggle-Cup was full…. Nope, there is more in store for me.  So, the next chapter is getting through the seasons and fully healing from divorce.

My first marriage was right out of high-school.  I had 2 children from my high-school sweetheart.  He was my best friend who came across a lot of life-challenges of his own.  We moved across the country to get away from some troubles but grew apart shortly after.  So, he moved back and I found myself alone with 2 children.

As a single-mother, full-time employee, and full-time student I barely had time to find myself.  I jumped from one relationship to another but never truly healed from the end of my first marriage.

So this time around, I intend to find myself, heal, and move on… join me 🙂