The Joy of Decaf

CAM00040Right out of high school, I worked as a hostess at a restaurant called Shari’s.  For those unfamiliar with the chain, it’s like a Denny’s or Perkins.  My main duties were to greet people with a smile, seat them, bring them water, and ask if they wanted anything else to drink.  Coffee was the drink of choice.  Might have been because we were in the heart of Coffee-Town: The Greater Seattle Area. But, my guess is that coffee would have been THE answer whether we were in Seattle, in our adopted home of Orlando, or anywhere in between.

Very rarely, would I hear a request for decaffeinated coffee.

The coffee snob in me would think, decaf?? Why in the world would anyone want decaf when they could have the real deal! I’m picturing myself saying this with a villainous tone, hands raised up, shaking (from caffeine-overload)

There were some exceptions to my rant here such as those who need to cut back on caffeine for health reasons.  But for those who “look like coffee drinkers” (yes, I guess I’m stereotyping here), the word “decaf” may trigger a smirk on my face just for a micro-second until I can regain my composure.  MY idea of “coffee drinkers” would look like fun-looking people, smart-looking people, anyone older than 17…. they all get a decaf-requesting-smirk…. and of course, if you’re going to get a coffee drink without the caffeine,  why not get something obviously different? Like juice??

 If I could give my early-twenties self any useful advice, I would tell her (nicely, because I am a feisty one), “instead of smirking, smile, and maybe offer a hug.”

My older, wiser, infertility-struggling self now knows better now to even THINK of judging a decaf drinker!  Because a Decaf Drinker is not a weak one! She may be holding on to her last bit of the fun life she had BEFORE she started fertility treatments.  She has already given up wine (another vice that grape juice just won’t EVER mount up to), girl time (because her meds are driving her bonkers), and zumba (if she’s going through IVF, her doctor has told her to lay low for a bit)!  The ONLY thing she has left is a drink that TASTES like coffee!

So decaf drinkers, be proud! You have found something to fill that little hole in your morning routine.  And one day, hopefully one day soon – you will reunited with your beloved drink of choice: Regular Medium Roasted Caffeinated Coffee.

No Coffee – Day 3

So, I failed to mention that during our Final IVF Consultation the doctor noticed that I was holding a cup of “coffee” I poured myself in the lobby.  She asked me if I noticed….. and I quickly blurted “that it’s decaf??” So she went into this micro-speech about how they advise us to stay away from caffeine.. blah, blah BLAHHHH. (this is my un-caffeinated self talking right now).  So, hubby quickly jumped on this bandwagon of misery and advised that I stick to decaf.

Day 1: AWFUL. Worst headache ever. I can’t believe I have become so addicted to coffee/caffeine. I ate more/drank more water, and ended up taking a couple Tylenol and slept the headache away. Sounds pitiful, doesn’t it?

I recall someone sending me an article once saying that there is No Such Thing as a Caffeine Addiction, to them I say – tell that to my migraine!

Day 2: OK. I had decaf. Head hurts a bit, dragging a little.  But I was ok.  My husband sent me links like this:

Which cracked me up. She gets me!

Day 3: Today. I woke up knowing I was’t going to have coffee. I’m having water… lots and lots of water. Good so far and glad I’m sitting next to the restroom.

Any other coffee addicts out there?  Do I REALLY need to quit caffeine cold turkey?

The Little Things

Having a productive week so far. Yet, it’s only Tuesday.  After 8 months of deciding if I should cut my hair, googling hair styles, and being too busy to make an appointment, I made a last minute decision to trust my locks with a young lady at a Hair Masters near closing time at the mall.  I think any gal would completely understand my apprehension, but given my busy week ahead I had no choice!  So very relieved that it turned out well. I did not get much cut off, just long bangs and she cleaned up my layers.  Though it was not much, it feels much healthier!  A big difference for such little maintenance…

That being said, I dedicate this post to the “Little Things”

This Barnie’s Coffee Cup Cozy

This amazing little contraption is only $1 at your local Barnie’s Coffee Shop.  I have this little condition where I break out in hives when I touch cold things. So I have been guilty of stealing more than one cardboard sleeve at coffee shops when I pick up my cup of joe.  However, a few months ago, I came across this little comfy sleeve of joy and think I can say I’ve saved a couple trees since.  I use it for any cup-sized hot or cold treat (including yummy ice cream sundaes).

Pink, Pink, & Pink

I have never been a fan of the color pink.  Actually, Orange is my favorite color.  And though I’m partial to Orange, I wear a lot of Purple… and still when I’m looking for something ‘customized’ I opt for Pink.  I guess, living in a house with 4 males (this includes my cat), I tend to accentuate my “girly-ness” as much as possible.

This little Jewel Case and the treasure inside it as well.. 99¢ Nivea Hand Creme

A friend of mine sent this to me on a birthday.  She is always so thoughtful and kind.  And this little case reflects her personality.  So I like to keep it on my desk, sort of a reminder of my friendships back home and it gives a little ‘bling’ to my desk. The Nivea Hand creme fits perfectly in the case and it comes in handy throughout the day!

Pandora Radio

I don’t know anyone who can get through a day without music.  Even when sitting in silence,  a song might pop up in my head once in a while.  And yes, I am ‘one of those’ who will occasionally blurt out in singing.  My Pandora Channels? SWV, Nat King Cole, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Hidden Beach Recordings (instrumentals of hip hop/r&b music), and yes… Christmas music.  Because at times who can resist the holiday spirit in the middle of summer??