A Little About Me

When you’re younger, you look at your people of influence and wish “I had a story”.  Something interesting that others might be able to relate to.  And something that would define you – separate you from others.  My teenage son came to me recently and said, “Mom, I wish I had a story.. ” and my first reaction was, “son, you don’t want to chase a story, just live your life and enjoy yourself.”  Well, looking back, I have a story, not much of what I want to tell.  But I’m sure a little of that will come out here and there as I share my thoughts with you.  And perhaps you can share some of your story with me.

The reason why I want to start writing… well, there are 2 major things I am going through right now: 1) As my 2 teenage boys grow a foot by the day, my ‘Empty Nest’ syndrome has suddenly kicked in. 2) This month, marks a year of trying to conceive with a fertility specialist and next month we will be doing IVF.. in what feels like my last hope.

So I hope in this I can find laughter, hope, and sanity.