To The New Year!

Me and DP

Me and DP

This bottle here…. this is no typical 1990 bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne Cuvée Dom Pérignon.  The value of this bottle went far beyond the lengthy reviews and the name on the label.

It was symbol of a lifestyle I challenge my children to steer clear from and, instead, remain focused on their goals.  Me? A bad girl? No… I was a typical good girl who fell for a bad boy.  His “boss” gave us this bottle as a gift to celebrate the birth of our first-born son. In short, to get away from his “bad boy ways” we moved to sunny Florida.  And since, it has been resting cozy in a tightly sealed box at the top of my kitchen cupboard, it was never intended to be consumed.

But this post is not about that gloom-and-doom story.  It’s about this bottle.

Well, being that we had such a challenging year, I decided that we should finally open this bottle.  Our little group of friends got together for dinner and my contribution… Dom Pérignon, of course! The hour leading up to dinner, my mind sort of wandered..  Fleeting thoughts of anticipation.  Will it be good? Will I be amazed?

We shared our dinner stories and laughs as usual and then the time came to pop open the bottle!  They asked me who gave me the bottle, I explained my past a little and that it was time to let it go.. We toasted: To our Friends…. To the New Year… To a Birthday…. and To Letting Go of the Past!

They let me have the first swig…  I swirled it, tried to capture any fragrances, and took a little sip. Folks, my jaws hurt.  I took another sip, tried to swirl it around my tongue a little, my tastebuds complained.  My friends tasted and we agreed, we were not ready for the “dom”!

But one thing I can say, my past is FINALLY and COMPLETELY in the past.  And with no expectation at all, I am excited and looking forward to the future year and all of its new stories!

Happy New Year to All!!

New Friend-Date

I was at Target a couple weeks ago and picked up a book called MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche.  Turns out, she’s a fellow WordPress blogger ( , I’m not sure yet how to add a link to my post). I was looking for a good lunch-break book and got some great suggestions (thanks IVF Male for suggesting Game of Thrones, still need to look it up!).  With the colorful polka-dots and catchy title, it was an instant buy. Like the cover, it’s a fun-read about a newly-married gal who moved to a new city and started looking for a new BFF.  I can totally relate in the sense that some of my closest friends live in different states and I have been on a search (or more like, on a hunt) for new BFFs.  Ladies, is it just me, or is friend-making in our 20’s & 30’s a little more difficult and/or complicated than passing notes in High School?  I find, especially in this state, that it is very rare to meet a native Floridian as much as it is hard to build a friendship before my new buddy has to move away.  So it can be complicated, yet I am thankful I’ve made a few fabulous friendships along the way.

That being said, yesterday I went on my first “blind” friend-date.  Let me give you some history.  Back in July, the boys were spending time with their family on the West Coast.  Hubby and I were like honey-mooners for a month! We went on this pub-crawl and met some other fun couples during the event.  No surprise, I had a few (or several) glasses of wine and I was a blabbering fool.

Can you guess who these ladies are dressed up as?? 

You will see ANYONE at a Pub Crawl!

Well, the next morning, I woke up to drunk text messages.. to another lady!  According to my husband I instantly connected with someone.  I don’t even remember how I we exchanged phone numbers.  Nooo… I’m not leaning that way, I am still a faithful, loving wife to my husband.  These text messages were like, “My son’s name is the same as your husband’s!” and, “let’s get the kids together sometime!” Yes, we shared drunken-lets-be-friends text messages.  And funny thing, we have stayed in touch ever since.

So, a couple days ago, she sent me a text message that she was going to take her daughter to a Fall Festival, and we decided to meet up!  Can you imagine my anxiety?  That morning, I kept thinking, “will she like sober-me?” I can’t remember what drunk-me was like… I’m a little reserved at first and drunk-me is much more outgoing!  I was excited but a bit nervous.

As it turned out, my new friend is a little more reserved too! Not so much that we didn’t have good conversation, but we had a great time.  We had plenty to talk about and the kids were shyer than us adults.

Back to the book I’m reading, one of the author’s latest posts reads, “It’s not that your new potential friend doesn’t want to have a friend date with you. It’s that everyone is waiting for someone else to make the move. To do the work. To take a chance.” (From her post on Friending the Only Thing You Need to Know, Oct 29).
Even us introverts have to take a step once in a while… and, when all else fails, there’s nothing like a little liquid courage 😉 Kidding, of course

I’m Hott!

Really, I am… no really.. like someone lit a campfire in the middle of my living room.  Oh and I’m leaking..  if I wasn’t on progesterone, I’d think I was going through early menopause! Or am I?

These are the things we discussed we discussed at the baby shower today.. babies and menopause..  how, one might ask, do these 2 contrasting conversations get started at the brunch table?  Well, you guessed it: Hormones.  And both subjects I feel like I can somewhat relate!  The only problem is that my face-to-face friends don’t know the half of what I’m going through .  Those reading my blog: you are lucky ones who know all about this side of me.  Yep. Consider yourselves lucky, or not, that I have shared my hormonal indiscretions with you…because I am too chicken to share this part of me with my closest family and friends.  Not that I don’t trust them.  I trust them with a lot of things, we share a lot of laughter, girl’s nights, sob-stories.. but this one I have kept to myself (I’ve only shared my infertility woes with a select few).  More, I’m afraid of the advice I’d get if they knew how long we’ve been trying.  Even the ‘inner circle’ have thrown out some pretty loving, sincere, outrageous advice.  And this blog is somewhat an outlet to read similar stories, get advice from those who have gone through the trenches, and remain somewhat anonymous along the way… my only regret, is that I hadn’t started ‘blogging’ or at least reading your blogs years ago!

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,
You are a source of entertainment for me.  After all, almost all of you are my very own friends and family.  Through this expansive venue, I can share pictures of my most recent vacations while I can laugh at your latest mishap at the local coffee shop. Though our community spans across the world, one click and we are next-door neighbors!

But there are times when I must ignore you.  With all sincerity, I must overlook your ‘great news’ (congratulations, by the way) for the the lack of my own ‘great news’.  Sometimes I must ‘unsubscribe’ from your latest baby pictures (yes, she is adorable) to live my life ignorantly assuming that the Social Networking World is only filled with quotes spelled out on old-fashioned pictures and an overwhelming amount of game requests (sorry I ignored them).

Please forgive me for not responding as often as I would like, I’m sure my future ‘news’ will be eagerly displayed for you to choose to ‘like’ or ignore.  But, we can just have this understanding if I don’t hear from you at times.  In the meantime, the quote-pictures, game requests, and daily funnies are free reign for all.
You’re friend,