On my way to work this morning, I was in a pre-coffee daze… Not sure if it was a song or a radio deejay, but something got me thinking about “Firsts”.

I’m in my mid-30’s, my skin is not as fresh-looking as it used to be – I’ve started to wear a bit of foundation… my morning and evening routines include about a sitcom’s time to apply the various creams and lotions from head to toes.  Coffee used to be a morning perk-me-up, but has become a “do-not-talk-to-me-before-I-have”… What I’m saying is, firsts are for the younger folk, right???

Obviously, I’ve had my first step, I’m sure it was AMAZING.

I’ve had my first kiss… my first almost-kiss was in the back some folded lunch tables and all my friends gathered around us to witness the event.. but I chickened-out (stage fright?) and ran away… my first kiss was spur of the moment, in the hallway between classes in middle school. Still awkward, but I’ll never forget it.

My first job = McDonalds. I smelled like grease every evening but I had first dibs on the selection of Happy Meal Toys.

But, as time allowed (my commute to work is about 45 min), I started thinking outside the box .. I’ve had some firsts as recent as this year.  My husband and I recently purchased our first bed together – our first big furniture purchase.  I attempted to bake a cake from scratch this year.

We went on a road trip this year – it was my first time taking a trip via “Megabus”.  It was definitely an experience to remember.


Megabus Tip #1: Bring a Blanket!

Our Megabus trip brought us to New Orleans – another first!


These Masks were beautiful, ornate… and inexpensive!


One of many sights to see on the infamous Bourbon Street. Don’t be fooled – she worked that pole better than I could ever attempt!

I’m sure there’s more… but I’m only midway through my first cup of coffee this morning 🙂

That being said – I’m adding a task to my “Empty Nester Bucket List”: Make 2014 a Year of Firsts!  Won’t you add this to your list?  I’d love to know ….What firsts have you experienced recently?


The Little Things

Having a productive week so far. Yet, it’s only Tuesday.  After 8 months of deciding if I should cut my hair, googling hair styles, and being too busy to make an appointment, I made a last minute decision to trust my locks with a young lady at a Hair Masters near closing time at the mall.  I think any gal would completely understand my apprehension, but given my busy week ahead I had no choice!  So very relieved that it turned out well. I did not get much cut off, just long bangs and she cleaned up my layers.  Though it was not much, it feels much healthier!  A big difference for such little maintenance…

That being said, I dedicate this post to the “Little Things”

This Barnie’s Coffee Cup Cozy

This amazing little contraption is only $1 at your local Barnie’s Coffee Shop.  I have this little condition where I break out in hives when I touch cold things. So I have been guilty of stealing more than one cardboard sleeve at coffee shops when I pick up my cup of joe.  However, a few months ago, I came across this little comfy sleeve of joy and think I can say I’ve saved a couple trees since.  I use it for any cup-sized hot or cold treat (including yummy ice cream sundaes).

Pink, Pink, & Pink

I have never been a fan of the color pink.  Actually, Orange is my favorite color.  And though I’m partial to Orange, I wear a lot of Purple… and still when I’m looking for something ‘customized’ I opt for Pink.  I guess, living in a house with 4 males (this includes my cat), I tend to accentuate my “girly-ness” as much as possible.

This little Jewel Case and the treasure inside it as well.. 99¢ Nivea Hand Creme

A friend of mine sent this to me on a birthday.  She is always so thoughtful and kind.  And this little case reflects her personality.  So I like to keep it on my desk, sort of a reminder of my friendships back home and it gives a little ‘bling’ to my desk. The Nivea Hand creme fits perfectly in the case and it comes in handy throughout the day!

Pandora Radio

I don’t know anyone who can get through a day without music.  Even when sitting in silence,  a song might pop up in my head once in a while.  And yes, I am ‘one of those’ who will occasionally blurt out in singing.  My Pandora Channels? SWV, Nat King Cole, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Hidden Beach Recordings (instrumentals of hip hop/r&b music), and yes… Christmas music.  Because at times who can resist the holiday spirit in the middle of summer??

Ikea and the Cheap Date

Well, I have to say that this past weekend was what I truly needed: A Break!  Well, sort of.  We lived and breathed football, as usual.  But we managed to sneak in a few other things.  For one, I’ve been continuing my Fall Cleaning Project, and in my determination to make our little place look bigger, I set out to Ikea to pick up some mirrors!  I find it interesting how my children HATE going shopping with me. In fact, I have to bribe them to go to the grocery store with me, using a $5 spending limit on whatever their snacking hearts desire.  But….. when I mention IKEA, their faces light up and they are always willing and ready to go! Perhaps it’s the vibrant colors or the luring smell of Swedish meatballs but I dare not jinx it with my questioning!  For me, Ikea is like the Target of home decor stores.  I always go for one thing and come out spending $200 which somehow includes a piece of furniture.  But that day we bought exactly what we needed… Mirrors (pictures soon).

Later that evening, we planned to go on a date.  Since we are taking a break from the baby-making, we decided to go to a place called the Wine Room.  A small spot off of Park Ave about 15 min from our place.  This place has wine bottles racked as far and as wide as you can see.  Couches for relaxation, light music in the background (that evening was oldies R&B music), and a Cheese & Tapa bar in the middle.  As you walk in, you can purchase or reload a money card (sort of like a game card at Dave & Busters), they give you wine glasses, and set you free to taste away.  Along the walls are, for lack of better words, “vending machines” of wine bottles where you can choose to purchase 1, 2, or 3 ounces of your selection for a price per ounce.  Some as low as $1/oz. and others $15/oz. or more!  Let me just tell you, having Not a sip of alcohol for at least 6 months, I was a Cheap Date.. Yes, ladies and gents, after 6 oz. of the $1.50/oz Chocolate Raspberry wine, I was feeling happy.  Hubby was happy, we had a good evening 😉  NOTE: For those of you with a Sweet Tooth, I highly recommend Chocolate Cellar California Wine, it tastes like a Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.

“Screen Shot” taken from Google Maps, see the arrow on the floor? Courtesy of Google Maps

Finally, drum roll please……. we have decided that we found a ‘Home Church’! (A “Home Church” is one that we can finally settle down, get involved, go to regularly..etc. )  I must say, we have visited over 10 churches over the past 3 years.  And if you have had this experience, you can relate to how tiring it can be.  Sort of like dating, you want to give the new relationships a try, but if there is no chemistry you must search again.  but after 4 visits, I believe I can say we have found a church we love.

Though they are little tidbits from a great weekend, I can honestly say I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready for a great week!

And, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well 🙂


It might be apparent from my past posts that I’ve been doing a lot of self-realization thinking over the past month.  Perhaps it’s because of the amount of free time I’ve found since I have been off the hormones last month preparing for our “graduation” (as the IVF nurse calls it) to Natural In Vitro that should start any day now.  I’ve also been reading a book called Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend.  Good read so far!

Sitting here in my car, watching my son’s football practice, I started thinking….  How have I gotten so caught up in everything I have literally lost myself in the anger and frustration of it all?  I’m usually the happy one, I like to hang out with friends, cook, try new things.. but lately, my focus on TRYING to have a baby has gotten so intense I’ve let go of the lady in me.

So I started making a list of things of questions I want to be able to answer.  (And I’m killing time because I finished the 2 Food & Wine magazines I brought with me) I may have come across a similar list from a Cosmo magazine or a chain-email.  This might be a good starting point on picking up the blob I’ve become and putting myself back together.  Answering these will essentially be my goal for 2013.

So this is my ONE list

  • Make one dish really well:
  • Have one skill people know me for – personal (ie. Cooking, dancing, etc.):
  • Have one skill people know me for – professional (ie. Speaking, selling, etc.):
  • One subject I really know about (ie. History, geography..etc.):
  • One feature of my appearance that I am proud of:
  • One feature of my personality that I am proud of:

I didn’t answer them on this post, some of these I have no idea how to answer, especially the Subject question.  I think there might be some great additions to the list, but my free time ends in a half-hour.

So, knock yourself out if you have some time to answer these for yourself.  We all need to take a few minutes a year to reflect on who we have become and be proud of it!

Live In The Present

I drive my son to school at 6:30am every morning.. why does high school have to start so early??  On a typical morning, I get up about 5:30, eyes half-closed, take a quick shower, attempt to make decent-tasting coffee and my son comes downstairs to meet me.. OR.. I realize he’s still asleep and I yell at him to wake up, hurry up, brush his teeth while he’s upset that his alarm clock “didn’t work”. He’s throwing clothes all over the place, I’m yelling at him to stop making a mess… We are both NOT morning people.

This morning surprisingly went pretty smoothly, and on the way to school, we had a conversation about his future (he’s a freshman).  I asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and he said, “I wanted to be an air pilot but I don’t know.  I’ve learned to stop wanting to grow up so fast.”  A little taken aback, I said, “what do you mean?” and he replied, “I want to live in the present because the present will become the past and you can’t change the past.”  YES, I kid you not, this came out of my 15-year-old’s mouth at 6:50am.

The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali
Though I’m not an Art Major,… that little branch holding that clock is about to break off!

So in thinking about this, I’m asking myself how I have lived 2012?  I’ve been so stressed about about trying to make a baby, my older children leaving, my finances, now my husband’s job… and I have not lived in the present.  I’ve lived in a muck, and I can’t change that.  I want to do as my child has recommended: Live in the Present

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,
You are a source of entertainment for me.  After all, almost all of you are my very own friends and family.  Through this expansive venue, I can share pictures of my most recent vacations while I can laugh at your latest mishap at the local coffee shop. Though our community spans across the world, one click and we are next-door neighbors!

But there are times when I must ignore you.  With all sincerity, I must overlook your ‘great news’ (congratulations, by the way) for the the lack of my own ‘great news’.  Sometimes I must ‘unsubscribe’ from your latest baby pictures (yes, she is adorable) to live my life ignorantly assuming that the Social Networking World is only filled with quotes spelled out on old-fashioned pictures and an overwhelming amount of game requests (sorry I ignored them).

Please forgive me for not responding as often as I would like, I’m sure my future ‘news’ will be eagerly displayed for you to choose to ‘like’ or ignore.  But, we can just have this understanding if I don’t hear from you at times.  In the meantime, the quote-pictures, game requests, and daily funnies are free reign for all.
You’re friend,


Pay Day!!

That’s right, it’s Pay Day, the day we all wait for in the Working World, time to have fun!  Well, unless you have fertility meds to pay for, doctor bills, counseling appointments…..
Speaking of counseling appointments, I had my first appointment today.  I decided I was at the very limit before I started packing my bags and living off the trees in the forests of Indonesia.  It turned out as I was speaking with my nurse at the fertility clinic, we found out my new counselor is her very best friend.  Hmmmm… small world!  As I walked, in she had a clipboard set out for me to fill out: Insurance Info, Contact Info…etc.  I sat there for a good 10 minutes, waiting, then thinking, does this counselor know about me already?  How long I’ve been going through treatment?  Does she know I call the fertility clinic almost every other day like a maniac following up on this lab test, asking about that result, making an appointment for yet another ovary check.  Or am I (hopefully) a blank slate?

She finally came out to greet me.  She seemed like a fun person, she said the first appointment would be an ‘assessment’ to see what I needed.  So I slowly told her my issues with infertility, with having teenage boys.. and then for some reason it all started pouring out! Next thing I knew I had the kleenex box in one hand, pile of tissue in the other, what happened??  I had no idea all of this mess was inside of me.  After all, I thought I was the fun one! Bubbly, happy, problem-solver that I was… right?  Well, I have another appointment set up in a couple weeks, we shall see…

As for pay day… yeah, that was just a ploy to get us all excited, but we all know where that money was gone before it came into my account… hey there’s always the Power Ball!