More Thoughts on IVF

The IVF Process is much like planning a wedding..

Instead of the Wedding Coordinator – you have a nurse

Instead of the Premarital Counselor – you have the Financial Counselor

Instead of the Officiant – you have the doctor

Instead of Cake Tastings – you have HSGs, Bloodwork, Sonograms

Exercise/Diet for Wedding – you guessed it… exercise/(change) diet for baby

And much like choosing your wedding party – you choose who you want to be in your circle through this entire process.

IVF Final Consultation Appt

Blogging through my 3 hour FINAL Consultation Appointment… Lots of waiting time between meeting with the doctor, nurse, doctor, then nurse again….

  • They only serve decaf in the lobby
  • Looking around, infertility does not discriminate, very diverse group of people in here.
  • Just met with the doctor… there are so many ways to have a baby… how many times do I want to be injected? Do I want to freeze or do fresh? How much is this all going to cost us?
  • Hubby looks like I should know what she’s talking about… and I’m looking at him like HE should know what she’s talking about… we’re both confused. She draws a chart with arrows… and I get it now.
  • Had a hysteroscopy and wished they would have put me under! Oooh weeee anyone who has this planned: bring a stress ball or something to squeeze, take pain meds ahead of time! (unless they give them to you there), if you get queasy at the sight of blood you may want to look away from the screen as you WILL see the journey into your uterus…

Finally, the nurse went through the details of every single step and every single day and assured me that she will be there through every step of the way.  Leading up to this appointment, I was full of questions and anxiety not really knowing what was going to take place.  But this appointment was worth every minute of the 3 hours it took – birth control ends on Feb 9 then the fun really begins!

Bathroom Dilemmas

Excuse the hair, my hair gets everywhere

Ahhh, the age-old conflict between man and woman…. he squeezes, you slide. He likes it under, you like it on top.   What do you think I’m talking about? Toothpaste and toilet paper of course!

I’ve heard of major arguments stemming from these two innocent bathroom fixtures. They can’t help but cause confusion, after all, there are no instructions on how to consume them.  And at times it can be so confusing! I will share something embarrassing: one day, I was reloading the toilet paper.  For some reason I could not figure out how to get it to get the paper to roll over.  Rotating and rotating the stupid little tube.  I had to sit and look at it for a second thinking, why is this so difficult?? When it suddenly came to me, flip it over! DUH.  Now, I can say we both agree on the toilet paper roll issue.

But the one thing we do NOT agree on is toothpaste.  Can you guess which one is mine?  Well I can tell you a little about our personalities.. he’s a laid back, ‘it’s all going to work itself’ out type of guy.  And I’m an orderly, ‘have processes and post-its for everything’ type of gal.  Our solution: Get Two.

Can’t agree on toothpaste? We have 2.  Don’t watch the same shows on TV? His DVR is in the Living Room, mine is in the bedroom.  Other issues work themselves out.  I love chocolate, he doesn’t care for it.  He loves strawberries, me not so much.  Our method of resolving the little things in life seems pretty easy right?  Are we avoiding some type of toothpaste and TV blow up in the future?  Probably.  But one can only hope either one of us never runs out of toothpaste!