Why My Husband Shouldn’t Send Me Furniture Shopping

Here’s the 4-1-1: I bought a condo in 2005, JUST RIGHT before the real estate market started going downhill.  At that time, my boys were smaller, we had small furniture, small toys, small everything.  It was just right…

Since then, they’ve grown, I met my loving, patient hubby (more on that later) and everything is now king-sized in the still tiny 2 bedroom condo.  Well, since we are unable to sell this hole-in-the-wall, we are stuck here trying to maintain a decent looking household and not look too crammed in.

Sooo… my hubby sent me out on an errand.. “Let’s get a Sectional Couch,” he says. Woo hoo, I’m excited and I find a great deal through Craigslist.  While he takes the younger son to football practice, he sends me on my way to check out the couch… here’s where it all goes wrong.

We do the right thing and measure the wall by the window (the one closest to the door): 6 feet.  Fabulous! In lady-terms, that’s one foot taller than me.  Shouldn’t be hard to measure when I get there….

So, I get there, and use my awesome measurement technique, and I buy it on the spot!  (He said if it looks good, go ahead and buy it).. see how I’m transferring the blame here?

Well, on Tuesday he went to pick it up, brought it in the house, and sent me this picture… See the black shelf to the right of the picture?  Well that is the Entertainment Center that already sticks out because we moved it to fit in the sectional.  And now both the couch and entertainment center do not fit entirely in the living room!  However, there is just enough space to walk in.  Hey… once you get in, the couch is pretty comfy!


I’m a closet stock-piler.  For those non-couponers out there, a stock pile is a collection of supplies, so to speak, things you might need for later use.  I have other stockpiles around the house: health/beauty stockpile is in my closet, kitchen/foods in the kitchen, laundry items in the laundry room.. etc.  Portions of my stockpile are carefully placed throughout  the house.  Perhaps to put ease to the eyesore it would be if it were all in one room.

I am a couponer.  But, I don’t consider myself an Extreme Couponer.. I think I’ll call myself a Need-Based Moderately-Conrolled Couponer (the longer the name, the more guilty I sound?).. After all, who knows when I (the only female in the house) will need a new ladies razor?  But when I do, I will have about 30 to choose from along with assorted shaving foam.  And how awesome is it that while I’m dreadfully receiving my monthly visit from Aunt Flo that I can just reach into my closet for ‘napkins’ of all shapes and sizes that I have gotten for FREE?!

It all started when my cousin started couponing.. She was super-excited about the amount of free or nearly free stuff she was getting.  At that time, my family was a single-income household of four and, and being a mom of 2 football players, groceries were at least $400 a month!  So I started learning and, boy, did I get a rush!  Can I seriously pay 50 to 75% less on my groceries and household items?

My first trip took me a good 3 hours to sift through my coupons, searching for deals.  My boys with me horsing around in the background, fellow shoppers passing me in the aisle, I must have looked like I was up to no good – Totally Unprepared.  But when it came to check out, I had to blink twice when I saw my first receipt!  Now, being a couple years into it, I have a healthy stockpile consisting of no more than 6 of the necessities at a time. I’ve learned quickly that our little 2-bedroom condo would not hold 80 rolls of paper towels!

That being said, my focus this Labor Day Weekend has been on cleaning and de-cluttering.  And though I might someday need 8 rolls of fly-trap paper in the future for whatever reason, I think it’s time to start making some donations!