To The New Year!

Me and DP

Me and DP

This bottle here…. this is no typical 1990 bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne Cuvée Dom Pérignon.  The value of this bottle went far beyond the lengthy reviews and the name on the label.

It was symbol of a lifestyle I challenge my children to steer clear from and, instead, remain focused on their goals.  Me? A bad girl? No… I was a typical good girl who fell for a bad boy.  His “boss” gave us this bottle as a gift to celebrate the birth of our first-born son. In short, to get away from his “bad boy ways” we moved to sunny Florida.  And since, it has been resting cozy in a tightly sealed box at the top of my kitchen cupboard, it was never intended to be consumed.

But this post is not about that gloom-and-doom story.  It’s about this bottle.

Well, being that we had such a challenging year, I decided that we should finally open this bottle.  Our little group of friends got together for dinner and my contribution… Dom Pérignon, of course! The hour leading up to dinner, my mind sort of wandered..  Fleeting thoughts of anticipation.  Will it be good? Will I be amazed?

We shared our dinner stories and laughs as usual and then the time came to pop open the bottle!  They asked me who gave me the bottle, I explained my past a little and that it was time to let it go.. We toasted: To our Friends…. To the New Year… To a Birthday…. and To Letting Go of the Past!

They let me have the first swig…  I swirled it, tried to capture any fragrances, and took a little sip. Folks, my jaws hurt.  I took another sip, tried to swirl it around my tongue a little, my tastebuds complained.  My friends tasted and we agreed, we were not ready for the “dom”!

But one thing I can say, my past is FINALLY and COMPLETELY in the past.  And with no expectation at all, I am excited and looking forward to the future year and all of its new stories!

Happy New Year to All!!

Ikea and the Cheap Date

Well, I have to say that this past weekend was what I truly needed: A Break!  Well, sort of.  We lived and breathed football, as usual.  But we managed to sneak in a few other things.  For one, I’ve been continuing my Fall Cleaning Project, and in my determination to make our little place look bigger, I set out to Ikea to pick up some mirrors!  I find it interesting how my children HATE going shopping with me. In fact, I have to bribe them to go to the grocery store with me, using a $5 spending limit on whatever their snacking hearts desire.  But….. when I mention IKEA, their faces light up and they are always willing and ready to go! Perhaps it’s the vibrant colors or the luring smell of Swedish meatballs but I dare not jinx it with my questioning!  For me, Ikea is like the Target of home decor stores.  I always go for one thing and come out spending $200 which somehow includes a piece of furniture.  But that day we bought exactly what we needed… Mirrors (pictures soon).

Later that evening, we planned to go on a date.  Since we are taking a break from the baby-making, we decided to go to a place called the Wine Room.  A small spot off of Park Ave about 15 min from our place.  This place has wine bottles racked as far and as wide as you can see.  Couches for relaxation, light music in the background (that evening was oldies R&B music), and a Cheese & Tapa bar in the middle.  As you walk in, you can purchase or reload a money card (sort of like a game card at Dave & Busters), they give you wine glasses, and set you free to taste away.  Along the walls are, for lack of better words, “vending machines” of wine bottles where you can choose to purchase 1, 2, or 3 ounces of your selection for a price per ounce.  Some as low as $1/oz. and others $15/oz. or more!  Let me just tell you, having Not a sip of alcohol for at least 6 months, I was a Cheap Date.. Yes, ladies and gents, after 6 oz. of the $1.50/oz Chocolate Raspberry wine, I was feeling happy.  Hubby was happy, we had a good evening 😉  NOTE: For those of you with a Sweet Tooth, I highly recommend Chocolate Cellar California Wine, it tastes like a Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.

“Screen Shot” taken from Google Maps, see the arrow on the floor? Courtesy of Google Maps

Finally, drum roll please……. we have decided that we found a ‘Home Church’! (A “Home Church” is one that we can finally settle down, get involved, go to regularly..etc. )  I must say, we have visited over 10 churches over the past 3 years.  And if you have had this experience, you can relate to how tiring it can be.  Sort of like dating, you want to give the new relationships a try, but if there is no chemistry you must search again.  but after 4 visits, I believe I can say we have found a church we love.

Though they are little tidbits from a great weekend, I can honestly say I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready for a great week!

And, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well 🙂